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Psychoanalyst Paris - Alain Julienne

This short summary indicates my way of working and the psychoanalysts to whom I refer in my practice:

Freud, Ferenczi, Dori Laub, Françoise Davoine, Jean Max Gaudilière, P.C. Racamier, Gaetano Benedetti, Winnicott, Frida Fromm Reichman, H.Searles, Wilfred Bion …

Member of the ISPS (International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia and other Psychoses), founded in Lausanne in 1956 by Professors Gaetano Benedetti and Christian Müller. Psychoanalyst

  • Worked at L’Abbaye with drug addicts in Paris in the late 1970s,
  • EHESS Seminar Jean Max Gaudillière, Françoise Davoine,
  • EHESS Contact group for the ‘La guerre transmise…’ seminar in the History department (Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau, Emmanuel Sain Fuscien),
  • Research on the occupation and Aryanisation in the town of Troyes – where I was born,
  • ISPS Seminars Françoise Davoine, Michael Eigen …,
  • Supervision of Chinese psychoanalysts in visio with China with the help of an interpreter.

Psychoanalysis is first and foremost about two people coming together. Each piece of work is unique and each has its own time frame. This is as true for the patient as it is for the psychoanalyst.

There is no age limit for psychoanalytic work, and I see people from the very young to the very old. There are many reasons why someone may decide to seek help from a psychoanalyst.

  • Anxiety, depression, permanent tiredness, feelings of emptiness or deep boredom, feelings of being useless or out of place, lack of self-confidence, shame, the feeling of doing the opposite of what you want to do, inhibition… There are many and varied psychological or even physical sufferings.

Transference is the driving force behind all analytical work. It is a displacement onto the person of the psychoanalyst of perceptions, impressions and sensations that are too violent to break through the psychic barrier that the little human being has not yet finished erecting. These ‘affects’ cannot be put into words and make life… not easy! Putting them into words puts them in their place and deactivates their harmfulness.

  • There are certain circumstances in which the integrity or even the life of a person, whatever their age, is genuinely threatened by death. War trauma, current trauma, trauma experienced by grandparents or even great-grandparents, intra-family trauma or other trauma. There was no ‘benevolent other’ at the time. The response of a ‘You’ to the basic life-sustaining needs of another no longer existed.

The situation, the words, the gestures are frozen, time is stopped. Psychoanalyst

These ‘frozen’ moments are passed on to subsequent generations in different forms: absences, insomnia, breathing difficulties, phobias, dissociations, hallucinations, voices, obsessive behaviour, etc.

  • It’s up to the analyst and the patient to get the arrow of time moving again – in the right direction – and to put this frozen past that pervades our lives back where it belongs, in the past. This is the work of the psychoanalyst and the patient.

Languages spoken :

French / English / elements of Chinese, good knowledge of the country and its inhabitants where I lived and worked almost half-time – from 1989 to 2013 – between France and China.

Psychoanalyst in Paris

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