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About me : Gestalt therapist, Psychotherapist Paris Martine Valton

Gestalt therapist Psychotherapist Paris Martine ValtonI am gestalt psychotherapist…

Make sense of what happens to you.

To help you through times of crises, doubts and questions, my gestalt training offers insight into your situation, and gives meaning to it.

In a kind of “dance between 2 partners”, the pace of the sessions follows yours. Each week we will work together to decipher the impasse, which sometimes you are not aware of, that make your life difficult.

The purpose of my practice is to help you grow, to help you release what is not, or not any more yours, and to feel all the emotions that life presents you with in your professional life, in your couple, your relationships with others or your life as a parent. Psychotherapist Paris
My humanist education that I received in North America is also supplemented by a master’s degree in communication I got from the Sorbonne in the 80’s. Psychotherapist Paris, Gestalt therapist

Psychotherapy in Paris

For several years I already practice Gestalt psychotherapy in my offices in Paris. In 2011 I also completed a certification in maternologie. This enables me to accompany pregnant women in their psychological suffering.

I am married and have three children. Graduated in 2000 from the gestalt intervention center of Montreal, I practice my professionin full respect for others. Psychotherapist Paris, Gestalt therapist

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