General information concerning psychotherapy with a therapist

An overview of psychotherapy with a therapist: general information

When might you need a therapist? therapist france

A therapist or psychotherapist is often referred to as “a doctor of the soul.” This is essentially what defines them: they are professionals who address the difficulties, whether complex or not, that impact our emotions, stability, well-being, and the overall state of our inner selves.

When feelings of uneasiness persist and begin to affect our daily routines, relationships, and work, and we find it challenging to identify or resolve the underlying cause on our own, seeking the guidance of a therapist is recommended. They can help us navigate and resolve these issues, aiming to bring clarity and balance back into our lives. therapist France

Many physical symptoms also have psychological origins. Back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, and stomachaches can often manifest as bodily symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. A therapist can assist in identifying the root causes of these troubles and work through them to provide relief and resolution. therapy France

A psychotherapist will help illuminate the often unknown causes of our internal mechanisms and reactions. Through therapeutic work, they enable us to bring these aspects into focus and discover the inner tools needed to handle our problems more effectively, or even overcome them entirely. Therapy is a collaborative and participatory process, where the patient’s willingness plays a significant role in achieving success.

What happens during the initial session?

During the first meeting, the therapist will inquire about your background and ask about the reasons that led you to seek therapy. Together, you will determine the most suitable type of psychotherapy for your needs. It may involve multiple supportive sessions or an extended therapy lasting several months, and the frequency of sessions will be decided upon collaboratively. Individual therapy in France

An individual session typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the allocated time by the psychotherapist. Additionally, the therapist will inform you about the cost of each session. Family therapy France

What results can you anticipate?

The outcomes of therapy vary from person to person. The primary goal of therapy is to alleviate the burdensome problems that have been unmanageable for you, providing a sense of relief. Through therapy, you will have the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings, enabling you to either resolve these issues or gain insight into their causes and explanations, empowering you to better manage your emotions related to these problems. Consequently, your overall state will improve, and you will regain self-confidence, moving forward on the path to well-being.

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What is a therapist ?

A therapist is a trained professional who provides therapeutic interventions and support to individuals, couples, families, or groups experiencing psychological, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. Therapists are also known as psychotherapists, counselors, or mental health professionals. They employ various therapeutic techniques and approaches to help clients understand and address their challenges…

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Psychotherapy Sessions

One fascinating aspect of our psychotherapy sessions is the relatively short amount of time it takes for therapists to grasp and gain a clear understanding of your problem. During your initial consultation session, as you discuss your concerns with your therapist, we will collaboratively explore the origins, manifestations, and impact of the problem on your life.

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Couples therapy

When a couple’s situation is such that the two people can no longer put up with each other, or that communication becomes practically impossible or at the least is very difficult, then it is worth calling a counsellor to try and re-establish communication and review the problems.